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Photography by Rob Sprankle

Proud to have studied under the brilliance of Dick Roth and Sidney J. Palmer, may they rest in peace.



Helping Create this lovely save the date for an April 1st Wedding - Fools for Love,


Wedding Photography

Shooting weddings with a personal touch, capturing each special moment, and all of your friends and family,


Capturing Moments

Having the equipment to capture intimate moments without being a disturbance,


Theater Production Stills

Familiar with the stage and the craft, capturing the piognant shots, where stills convey the narrative,


Senior Portraits

Easing the minds of some who are not as comfortable infront of the camera to get authentic smiles, and personality,


Putting You into Art

Applying years of study and the knowledge shared by mentors who are Masters of the craft to make images of you into Art.

How can I help you?

Senior Pictures, Holiday photos, Event Photography, As you wish...